Lead Battery Carves Market Position as Energy Storage Grows

With energy storage expected to double this year and triple in 2020, researchers are working to boost lead battery performance for its use in renewable energy integration and electric vehicles. energy storage deployment. The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI), a global research organization that funds innovation in lead batteries, has developed a roadmap for growth. Advanced lead batteries offer cost and sustainability advantages, said Alistair Davidson, director, CBI. They’re generally less expensive than alternatives and are recycled at a rate of 99%.

An Innovation Roadmap for Advanced Lead Batteries

Working with our members, CBI has developed a technical roadmap for advanced battery research and innovation. It is based on extensive market research, and discussions with end-users in a bid to better understand customers’ technical requirements for the future.

Department of Energy Commits $20.5M to Spark Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced plans for a $20.5 million investment in lithium-ion battery recycling, with the goal of boosting capture rates to 90%, from a current rate of less than 5%. These investments include $15 million to create a new Lithium Battery R&D Recycling Center in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The remaining $5.5 million will be used as prize money in a contest seeking “solutions to collecting, storing, and transporting discarded lithium-ion batteries for eventual recycling.” According to DOE, the contest will be “designed to accelerate the development of solutions from concept to prototype to demonstration.”

S&T Powers High-Tech, Living Laboratory with New Microgrids to Study Advanced Lead Battery Technologies

Missouri University of Science and Technology has installed two new advanced lead battery microgrid systems at the campus’s EcoVillage, a living laboratory of solar homes S&T students designed and built to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Missouri S&T’s Microgrid Industrial Consortium is using the EcoVillage to test advanced lead battery energy storage in stationary grid-tied applications for potential use as a renewable energy source for communities of the future.

Battery Energy Storage System Uses Artificial Intelligence to Lower Energy Bills and Provide Utility Grid Services

NEW YORK , Dec. 5, 2018 – Peak Power Inc., a leading energy services provider, announced today that it has successfully completed the installation of 375 kW / 940 kWh of battery energy storage with GHP Realty, a division of Houlihan-Parnes Realtors, LLC, at their headquarters at 4 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, New York . This project was funded in part through an incentive from a Con Edison Energy Efficiency program.

Greensmith Energy Delivers Enhanced Energy Management Software Platform GEMS 6

The technology group Wärtsilä today announced the release of GEMS 6 (Greensmith Energy Management System, version 6), the latest generation of its award-winning software platform proven across grid-scale deployments globally. With this latest release, GEMS continues to be the most advanced energy management solution available today, deployed across more than 70 grid-scale systems in nine countries, integrated with a multitude of thermal and renewable generation assets as well as load and weather forecasting data. “Greensmith Energy is proud to announce the latest innovation in our product portfolio with the release of GEMS 6,” said John Jung, President and CEO of Greensmith Energy. “With this industry-leading energy management platform, we will enable our utility and IPP customers to integrate and optimize all of their energy resources to improve resiliency and flexibility during a time of tremendous transition – paving a viable way towards a 100 percent renewable energy future.”

Stem and OPG Announce New Energy Storage Partnership

MILLBRAE, Calif. and TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stem, Inc., and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are launching a new partnership on advanced energy storage systems that will assist Ontario industrial manufacturers in managing electricity costs. In bringing together one of the most experienced energy providers in Ontario, OPG, and the most advanced energy storage systems and controls platform, Stem, the partnership will provide Ontario businesses with innovative, turnkey energy solutions to enhance their competitiveness. OPG is Ontario’s largest, most diverse generator with operations across the province, providing nearly half of Ontario’s power generation. As businesses in Ontario look to grow and remain competitive, the Stem-OPG partnership provides them with a solution to reduce costs, without interruption to operations, and do so with a trusted, experienced partner in Ontario.

Battery Storage to Become $1.2trn Market, with Australia Leading the Way

Australia is set to lead the global energy storage boom, which according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) will grow to a $1.2trn industry. The global energy storage market is set to draw in $1.2trn investment by 2040 and the cost of batteries is also set to significantly decrease. The report, entitled the Long-Term Energy Storage Outlook, predicts a strong uptake of stationary energy storage, thanks to households trying to maximise solar self-generation and networks working to balance increasingly renewable grids.

Johnson Controls, ConEd Subsidiary Partner to Grow Energy Storage

Johnson Controls announced Monday that it has signed a joint venture with a clean energy unit of Consolidated Edison, a deal aimed at helping expand the market for smart energy storage control systems developed by the company. Consolidated Edison Solutions, a subsidiary of Con Edison Clean Energy Business, will be the exclusive provider of storage to customers of Johnson Controls.