Sungrow Energy Storage System Contracted for Massachusetts Solar+Storage Portfolio

Inverter supplier Sungrow has signed a contract to supply its fully integrated energy storage system to a 15-MW/32-MWh solar-plus-storage project in Massachusetts. The project will participate in ISO-New England wholesale markets after completion and is one of the first solar-plus-storage offerings to contribute to the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, setting the benchmark for Massachusetts’ solar-plus-storage projects.

‘Germany’s Largest’ EV Battery-Powered Stationary Storage System Will Give Grid Flexibility

A battery storage project using second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries is set to be built in Germany, with an aim of developing an installed capacity of 20MW. The project is being billed as the largest stationary electricity storage system using EV batteries in Germany, following on from an initial 45MW project in France. The stationary storage system is to be built using EV batteries compiled in containers, using both second-life batteries and new batteries stored for future use in standard replacement during after-sales operations.

PacifiCorp Plans More Solar And Storage, Less Coal

PacifiCorp has released a draft of its long-term energy plan, which continues investments in new wind generation and transmission while adding significant new solar and storage resources. In total, the plan includes approximately 7 GW of new renewable energy and storage by 2025. It calls for nearly 600 MW of battery storage by 2025 and more than 2,800 MW of battery storage by 2038.

Solar-plus-storage to provide all the daytime electric needs of nation state – pv magazine International

The Republic of Nauru, like many Pacific Ocean island states relies almost entirely on diesel generators for its power. However, the government has decided raise the share of renewables in the power mix of the 21km² nation from 3% to 47% with a large-scale solar-plus-storage project. The power plant will have a solar capacity of 6 MW and 5 MW/2.5 MWh of storage. The system will be fully automated and integrated with the existing diesel system to optimize solar energy use, enable optimal battery energy storage system charging and discharging and allow optimal shut-off of the diesel engines.

Battery System to Provide Frequency Regulation for PJM

A 72 MW/72 MWH battery system owned by a global independent power producer is expected to soon start providing grid services in PJM territory, signaling the storage industry’s increasing maturation and ability to compete with traditional resources. Industry supporters have argued that getting more storage online to support renewables integration and provide other grid benefits would require compensation schemes that allow storage to compete.

The Future of Energy Storage Is Here: An Inside Look at Rocky Mountain Power’s 600-Battery DR Project

The first residents of an all-electric and energy efficient community — the largest battery demand response project in the United States — are settling into new apartments. Their cars are tucked neatly beneath solar panel covers and their electric cars can plug into charging ports. Inside each apartment in the Soleil Lofts development, a battery is humming. When complete, the planned community’s 22 buildings will have 600 apartment units with 12.6 MWh of battery storage, 5.2 MW of solar panels, 150 stalls of EV chargers and an overriding focus on energy efficiency. Utility access to the 600 batteries will turn the complex into a grid resource.

Oil and Gas Investor EnCap Sees Big Opportunity in Energy Storage

EnCap Investments has directed about $37 billion in venture investment into oil and gas companies over its 30 years in business. Now, it’s making its first investments into clean energy, with a goal of developing up to 2 gigawatts of utility-scale energy storage, either on its own or linked to solar, wind and peaker plants.

GE Scores California Storage Hat-Trick

GE Renewable Energy has been selected by Convergent Energy and Power to supply of battery energy storage systems for three projects in California with total capacity of 100 megawatt-hours. The scope also includes a long-term service agreement and augmentation guarantees. GE said the project will bring its total battery storage capacity in operation or under construction to 495MWh.

Engie Buys 25MW/22MWh Solar-Plus-Storage Portfolio in Massachusetts

Engie North America has bought a four-project pipeline in Massachusetts that comprises 25MW of solar and 22MWh of energy storage. It is one of a “number” of solar-plus-storage portfolios that will be deployed by Engie under the state’s solar incentive program, the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART). The new projects are expected to be operational by the second half of 2020 and run for 20 years. The energy storage systems will use Engie’s GridSynergy software platform and operate in the ISO New England wholesale markets.